I wanted to take the time to tell you how impressed I was with your Drive2Survive class.

I had heard from a friend about your advanced driving course offered to new as well as experienced drivers. Since my son is in the process of obtaining his license and knowing the hazards that everyone faces today on the highways, I wanted him to gain as much experience and exposure as possible so I enrolled him in your class. I really appreciated you extending the invitation to stay with Anthony during the class which I did. The classroom portion of the course was well taught and covered techniques of driving that the normal driving school does not provide. It stressed techniques of driving that only a skilled professional in defensive driving could teach. These techniques were reinforced by actual hands on driving by my son with a skilled instructor. He was put in controlled emergency situations and taught how to maneuver the car. I am a retired police officer and have attended several driving skill courses. I felt that the course offers the same level as the in-service training I received on the police department. Again, I thank you for the opportunity for my son to attend your course.


John Brooke
August 2008


We enjoyed the class and it was certainly much better than the earlier course Abby Forman took from "Car Control" sponsored by Channel 9 in 2006.

June 2008
Northern Virginia


My son participated in drive2survive program last month.  At first he did not want to attend but after his driving experience he thanked me for insisting he attend.  The instructors were excellent.  This program should be a requirement for every driver.  The information and experience that my son received is something that gives him the confidence needed to drive and it gives me the assurance that I have prepared him as much as possible for whatever he may encounter while driving.  I watched the entire program and was impressed and so thankful that we were there.  Every parent will experience the time when their child will be driving in inclement weather and anxiously wondering if they are prepared for icy roadways, this program will help ease parents fears in knowing that we did all we could to help prepare them.  I highly recommend drive2survive, it is a much needed program. 

Thank you, 

Daryl and Carol Watkins
May 2008
West Virginia


I just wanted to give you feed back on Saturday’s program.  Alec told me the class was definitely valuable and that he was glad he took it. He says I need to enroll his sister when she is ready to start driving.  The next day he told several of his friends about Drive 2 Survive, and they want to sign up too. 

Thank you for creating this program.  I feel much more comfortable about letting him out on the road.

Linda Stirling


Thank you for allowing me to partake in your Drive 2 Survive program on Saturday. I had a lot of fun, learned a lot, and definitely would like to do it again.

Thanks again



Thank you for giving us the opportunity!

I was very impressed with the program and what you have created.  Creek was a good instructor- very patient with the kid in my car, and me too.  It will make a real difference for a lot of young people.

Hope to see you soon.



I’m Bruce Wood, father of Kyra Wood who was in your most recent class. First, thanks for a great experience. I learned a few things about extreme driving. Driving on the edge is something I seek to avoid, and so the ideas you present taught me about areas that I don’t, thankfully, experience. More importantly, the class gave my daughter a much better appreciation of the consequences of poor driving conditions and careless driving.

As a new driver, your class is helping to develop habits that will serve her in her whole driving life. Anything that enhances the safety of the folks I love is well worth the investment. Just yesterday, Kyra told her mom that after taking the course she is much more aware of how rain could affect driving. What a great return on our investment!

There’s another reason for my email. As I helped you load up your truck at the end of the day, I mentioned something I read about truckers avoiding accidents by anticipating hazards and how the beginning of your class you mentioned a similar strategy. Well, I found the reference and, as I promised, here it is for your use.

First Break All the Rules
By Buckingham and Coffman

Page 77

All truck drivers face the same situation – miles of road, an unwieldy load, and swarms of little cars bussing around them. They all have the same training, the same experience. But some of these drivers drive twice as many miles as their colleagues yet suffer half as many accidents. Why? Their filter. When you ask the best drivers, “What do you think about when you are driving?” they all say the same thing. They all say, “I think what would I do if…if that car pulled out right now. If that pedestrian decided to try to cross the street before the light changed. If my brakes failed.” While other drivers are thinking about the next rest stop, how much longer they have to go today, or others, more diverting subjects, the best drivers are playing “what if” games, anticipating scenarios, planning evasive maneuvers. Same stimuli, different reactions, very different performance.


As I type this, I find it interesting that my wife, our daughter, and I have something in common with the best truckers. By enrolling Kyra in your course, we were "what if"ing too. Taking steps to anticipate hazards our young, new driver might face.

Sincerely, thanks to you and your associates for your awesome service to my family and to our community.

Bruce Wood


My son, Peter Michel, took the 9/8 course in Sykesville.
Though initially skeptical, (as were, uh, most of the students?) He admitted that it was definitely helpful and worthwhile. He especially liked the skid pad.

Where can I see a schedule of upcoming classes at RFK or up there? I'd like to enroll my daughter and pass the info to some friends. Thanks again. I really had a good time riding around with the nice officer who treated me to a speedy run through of the course. Who needs amusement parks anyway....thanks! Lindsay