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More than one-third of teen driving fatalities are speed-related.
Teens are more likely than any other age group to be involved in a single vehicle crash.

Drive2Survive’s® classroom / seminar programs teach new drivers all of the necessary skills they never learned in driver education. Classroom discussions are led by knowledgeable instructors with a background in training law enforcement officers to drive in Emergency situations and under other stressful conditions. Classroom discussions will focus on vehicles, road characteristics and driver behavior – areas that conventional programs overlook.

  • Off-Road Recovery

While driving around the course, students are shown how to safely recover from the vehicle’s going off-road. Students learn both two-wheel and all-wheel recovery techniques.

Smooth steering is imperative to safe recovery of vehicle control in this situation. Most important—do not panic!

Purpose: This exercise is very important for driving safety but can be very dangerous if not done correctly. There is a drastic traction difference between the wheels on the pavement and the wheels off the road surface. Students learn that the fewer drastic driver corrections input to the vehicle’s steering, the less drastic the effect on the vehicle outcome.

  • Driving Exercises
  Body Position>> Collision Avoidance>>  
  Serpentine Skills Course>> Threshold Braking Exercises>>  
  Swerve to Avoid>> Skid Control Pad>>  
  Off-Road Recovery>> Braking In A Turn>>