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More than one-third of teen driving fatalities are speed-related.
Teens are more likely than any other age group to be involved in a single vehicle crash.

NIVD’S leadership has more than 110+ years of combined law enforcement experience. The company’s founders have trained tens of thousands of individuals, from new drivers to law enforcement officials throughout the nation.

The Drive2Survive® Programs are positioned as follow-up to Basic Drivers’ Education to be the next level of behind-the-wheel training to reduce “Driver Error,” the leading cause of young drivers’ collisions and fatalities.

Our instructor staff has developed programs for all levels of drivers; please see below for other training opportunities and events.

  • Corporate Program

Drive2Survive®’s Corporate Training Programs

Our staff has developed many programs to meet our Clients’ needs.

Programs cover a range vehicles from fleet cars, 15-passenger vans, box trucks, mini vans or larger.


Reducing corporate liability for our clients comes from our staff’s years of experience working with legal council on collision incidents as expert witness and policy experts for local government agencies.

This important area of advanced driver’s safety education could reduce your company’s exposure to unnecessary legal fees. We believe paying for the advanced driver’s education has a great return on your training dollar investment.

One collision could cost your company $$$ thousands of dollars in insurance deductibles, lost wages, vehicle repairs, medical expenses, Workman’s Compensation claims, rehabilitation, pain and suffering for not properly training your drivers. These are all legitimate exposure risks.


Corporate executives and other key persons could suffer a vehicle collision that could jeopardize growth and day-to-day operation of your organization. The incident could cause serious financial hardship to the company.

By educating your Key personnel & fleet drivers with more advanced and safety conscious training could save your company millions of dollars over several years.

These programs introduce driving dynamics and concepts that will help your fleet drivers become more aware of how to handle unexpected behind the wheel emergency situations on public and private roads.

Our instructor staff has developed several true-to-life exercises that allow drivers to gain experience on the limitations of their company and personal vehicles to minimize incidents of panic behind the wheel which in most incidents lead to collision. This training is also transferred to employee family life style of driving.

The other underlying benefit you have the opportunity to keep your employee’s family safer! We like to believe in the win-win scenario for a healthy life style!


The 8-hour day begins with vehicle inspections then 60 minutes of classroom theory on Advanced Driving Techniques.

Once lecture has concluded, attendees move out to the course to get behind-the-wheel with their personal professional driving coach. All coaching is conducted from the passenger seat and outside of the vehicle on the course.

The morning is spent learning Advanced Driving Skills on custom designed training exercises. After attendees have spent several hours on the course fine tuning their skills we break for lunch.

CAUTION! Those students with weak stomachs will attempt to show our staff their lunch! “If you have issues with motion sicknesses please take your Dramamine.”

Once we finish lunch, the afternoon is spent applying all the knowledge and skills you learned from the morning sessions on highway skills course.

This course has several options: Drivers can bring your own vehicles (BYOV) or vehicles can be provided for the training outing for an additional expense.


The program will cover Advance Driving Techniques:

  1. Vehicle Safety/Maintenance
  2. Seating Position
  3. Proactive Driving
  4. Reactive Driving
  5. Collision Avoidance
  6. Off Road Recovery
  7. Braking
  8. Skid and Low Traction
  9. Technical line driving



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$450.00 per student for basic training day, vehicles not included in the cost.

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