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More than one-third of teen driving fatalities are speed-related.
Teens are more likely than any other age group to be involved in a single vehicle crash.

NIVD’S leadership has more than 110+ years of combined law enforcement experience. The company’s founders have trained tens of thousands of individuals, from new drivers to law enforcement officials throughout the nation.

The Drive2Survive® Programs are positioned as follow-up to Basic Drivers’ Education to be the next level of behind-the-wheel training to reduce “Driver Error,” the leading cause of young drivers’ collisions and fatalities.

Our instructor staff has developed programs for all levels of drivers; please see below for other training opportunities and events.

  • The 8 Hour In-Car Training Day

The day begins with a two-hour classroom session to introduce students to important driving concepts and techniques.

Afterward, classroom sessions will be interspersed with six hours of behind-the-wheel training with experienced instructors.

Groups of three students will be paired with each in-car instructor to run through a series of on-road exercises.

The objective of behind-the-wheel training is to cement the principles learned in the classroom through in-car practical exercises.

Advanced driving fundamentals are ingrained into each student’s driving habits through repetition and the development of smooth applications to the vehicle’s controls. The behind the wheel experience will reduce incidents of panic in an emergency situation.

Training techniques are mastered as drivers apply these new training concepts to their everyday driving habits reprogramming any old habits or learning new fundamentals for years of save driving.

In this way, each student’s instinctual response to a dangerous driving situation is “rewired” so he or she can react appropriately to unexpected emergency situations.
With advanced driver training, driver’s responses become second nature to control an emergency situation, reducing incidents of bodily injury with the vehicle’s safety technology features.

The Training Exercises
For each exercise, the in-car instructor first demonstrates the techniques to the students on the course before they attempt it themselves.

First, the instructor conducts the exercise at slow speed, making it easy for students to understand the dynamics and driving techniques.

Next, the instructor demonstrates the different exercises at the course’s regulated speeds.

The maximum speed for the highway portion of the training course is 65 MPH. The highway course allows students to experience how to handle their vehicle at true-to-life speeds in a controlled environment with a professional instructor.

Our instructors are trained to drive a car from the passenger side of the vehicle and perform all training exercises from the right front seat in order to be certified to teach Drive2Survive’s® advanced driver training maneuvers.

Once all students in the car understand a given driving exercise, they each get a chance to move into the driver’s seat to practice it themselves. Students are given the opportunity to repeat each exercise until the in-car instructor feels that they have mastered it, time permitting!