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More than one-third of teen driving fatalities are speed-related.
Teens are more likely than any other age group to be involved in a single vehicle crash.

Winter Driving skills are taught through our one-hour classroom multimedia presentation and two hours in-car practical demonstrations. Students will learn vehicle dynamics (physics) changes in, steering, braking and effects on different road surfaces, how to use ABS-braking correctly. The in-car portion allows students to safely correct, front-wheel skids and rear-wheel skids. Students will be allowed to use their vehicle for a portion of the in-car skid training.

All behind-the-wheel instruction is demonstrated with Law enforcement Emergency Vehicle Operation Course professional instructors during all exercises and students learn how to recover from these simulated emergency situations to minimize “panic” and “driver error.” At the conclusion of our Winter Driving Clinic, parents and their teens will never look at driving the same way again.

The Drive2Survive® Advanced Driver Training Winter Driving Clinic is recommended for all drivers, especially, newly licensed drivers. Minimum requirements are that the student must possess a valid learner’s permit and have had 20 hours of supervised driving experience prior to attending the clinic. For students who are sensitive to motion sickness, we recommend that you take, “Non-Drowsy Dramamine” prior to attending the training.


NIVD’S leadership has more than 110+ years of combined law enforcement experience. The company’s founders have trained tens of thousands of individuals, from new drivers to law enforcement officials throughout the nation.

The Drive2Survive® Programs are positioned as follow-up to Basic Drivers’ Education to be the next level of behind-the-wheel training to reduce “Driver Error,” the leading cause of young drivers’ collisions and fatalities.

Our instructor staff has developed programs for all levels of drivers; please see below for other training opportunities and events.

  • • High Schools

NIVD is always looking for opportunities to create outreach with local high schools and businesses to promote advanced safety and collision avoidance training in local communities. To learn more about our Awareness Driving Clinics for High Schools and community events send us an email at:

  • Fleet Drivers

Allow our years of experience in advanced driver training develop a program to reduce incidents of collisions and liability to your company. More info:


  • Car Clubs/Team Building

Team building and social events with a twist of safety! Autocross Training: a fun way to spend one or two days with club members or friends behind-the-wheel in your own wheels in a controlled environment with professional instructors. We can provide a full service event staff to help plan your event. More info:
(15-30 drivers)

  • Driving Instructor Staff

NIVD utilize certified law enforcement Emergency Vehicle Operation Instructors as its driving instructors.

NIVD’S in-car instructors are licensed by (MVA) and require:

  1. Certification by the state of Maryland in emergency Vehicle Operation (EVOC) instructors for law enforcement.
  2. Attend a two week instructor training program at a nationally recognized advanced driver training facility.
  3. Pass a rigorous practical driving test.

Safety Note: Management believes that holding the instructors to the highest training standards will ensure the quality of its programs and the safety of students on the course.

  • Driving Exercises
  Body Position>> Collision Avoidance>>  
  Serpentine Skills Course>> Threshold Braking Exercises>>  
  Swerve to Avoid>> Skid Control Pad>>  
  Off-Road Recovery>> Braking In A Turn>>