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Donate now! Every dollar you provide to Drive2SurviveŽ goes towards training more teen drivers how to avoid some of the most common mistakes, driver errors and distracted driving


*Offering The Area’s PREMIER Classroom & In-Car
Training Programs

The Drive2Survive® Curriculum introduces students to three modes of Advanced Safety & Collision Avoidance Training with true-to-life situations within a controlled and safe environment. Our instructors are current and retired law enforcement personnel certified to train other police officers of various government agencies.  Our program is the only licensed advanced driving program approved by Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA).

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  • Mission Statement

NIVD's mission is to reduce automobile collisions and fatalities by eliminating driver error - through training, education, research and advocacy. NIVD is dedicated to educate all drivers, especially teen drivers- about the unexpected situations they will encounter on the road and to give them the knowledge, skills and experience they need to avoid collisions and minimize bodily injury in the event of a collision.

Last Year in the United States – and every year for the past decade – Between 5,000 and 6,000 teenagers were killed in motor vehicle accidents.  No other kind of hazard or behavior comes close to claiming as many young lives.  And in addition to those killed each year, some 300,000 are injured.

— Source, NHTSA

The leading cause of fatal crashes is driver error 77%

Followed by speeding 38%

Alcohol less than 25%

(The overlap in percentages is explained by the fact that some crashes involve more than one factor) Source, NHTSA